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T4512 CC - Add-ons


Lightweight bucket, square Lightweight bucket, round
Earth Bucket Earth Bucket with teeth
Multi-purpose bucket Manure fork
Fork & grab small Fork & grab big
Grab Bucket Silagecutter
High tip bucket Side shift bucket
Feed measuring bucket with worm Silo measuring container
Cubical Bedder Large bale fork
Cuboid bale stacker Round bale stacking gripper
Bale grapple Hydraulic round bale fork
Round bale winder Chopper for round and cuboid bales with hydr.  flap
Pallet fork Pallet fork with hydr. turning device
Waste container Working platform
Double-knife mower Lawn mower
Soil auger Broom
Feed blade Rubber blade
Snow plough Spreader 100 kg
Spreader 300 kg Adapter plate for Euro Cat II
Rotating feed pusher Weed broom


Can't find the right accessory? No problem. Our technical consultants will be happy to help you find a tailor-made solution for your job.