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Slurry spreaders JOSKIN MODULO2/======.. Capacity from 2500 to 16000 L


Slurry spreadersр JOSKIN KOMFORT2.=====. Capacity from 8400 to 18000 L


Slurry spreaders JOSKIN COBRA==========. Capacity from 9000 to 13000 L


Slurry spreaders JOSKIN QUADRA/ =====.=... Capacity from 16000 to 20000 L


Slurry spreaders JOSKIN EUROLINER======. Капацитет от 16000 л до 26000 л


Slurry spreaders JOSKIN, модел VACU-Cargo Капацитет от 16000 л до 26000 л


Brochure "Slurry Tanker Programme"


Brochure "Spreading & injection equipment programme"


Brochure "Optimal use of farm manure"



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